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May the rainbow be certain to follow each rain.
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And may God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.
- Irish Blessing

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mail To Go

I started making my Christmas gift list. This is the Mail to Go which is made out of a napkin holder from the Dollar Store! It was an idea that I had gotten from Stamp TV and found that it is a great gift. You just need to cut your cardstock to fit the ends of the napkin holder ( mine are 8 1/2 "  x 6")  and then design however you want. I have done them with stamping...but this one was done just with stickers since I didn't have any monkey stamps. You might also have envelopes that will just slide over the ends of the napkin holder and be the right size. Once you have cut out your cardstock..score 2 lines in the middle about 1/4 inch apart so that you can fold it...and I also scored one line on edges at 1/4 inch so I could fold better. I used score tape to attach the folded parts on the side together to make a pocket. Then decorate, use your score tape to put it together, slide it on and I put score tape on the napkin holder to hold it in place and you are done! I made my Mail to Go front on Print Shop on the computer.

The front....
The back....

Of course had to have a card to put in it....

...with an explanation of what this is for!

Finished product!


  1. this is fantastic!!!! You made such a fun and creative item!

  2. Was blog hopping and came across yours- a fellow central Wisconsin cardmaker and blogger:) I live in Schofield very close to The Stamp Shoppe (I assume you have been there or atleast at their booth at a local stamp show.) Come visit my blog at http://karenskreativekards/blogspot.com

    Karen H.

  3. What a terrific idea. I will have to make one for myself. That makes it so much more fun. Mine always get laid on the counter that sticks out between the dining room and LR. This is SOOO cute. Thank you for the idea. --Thanks for your commment on my white-cream card